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Our Process

New Home Construction, Clear Lake Shores, TX Barrier Island Homes, Inc. is designed to guide you through the process of custom home building one step at a time, every step of the way. We have the services to provide clients with design/financial consultation, home design, architecture, financing, engineering, permitting, lot preparation and, of course, construction. We can even help you find the perfect lot to build your dream home. We are dedicated to helping clients design and build a house that meets their needs as well as their budgets. We provide preliminary estimates and month-to-month financial analysis to allow you to follow along with the costs of construction and adjust accordingly. The services we provide is a process that follows this basic schedule:

1. Acquire Land

BIH works with several local realtors who can help you find what you are looking for. Based on your location and your needs we are able to set you up with the most appropriate contact to purchase the property that best suits you and your prospective design. Many times clients will already have land and that is great! In that case, we will help you design a home that will best utilize the space you have.

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2. Design

A custom home design created by our team is a tailored work of art drafted to fit your needs and your budget. To get started all we need is you! 

We can work from an existing house plan, a magazine article, a picture, an online floor plan or a blank sheet of paper. 

In addition to providing the construction drawings themselves, we can provide feedback and consultation on exterior elevations and interior design based on our experience in the home building industry.

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3. Scope of Work

At BIH we specialize in CUSTOM construction- and we mean that in every sense of the word. Custom design is a truly awesome opportunity, but is very involved. For BIH to prepare an accurate preliminary estimate, we will have to first sit down and find out exactly what it is you want. To simplify the process, BIH has standard packages that we use to provide a base line budget for items like plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, hardware, etc. It is at this point that we will ask you to either choose from the packages we provide, or for you to provide us with the custom items you want. Once we have assigned the scope of work, we can accurately (within +/- 5%) estimate what it will cost to build your dream house.
(Some custom items we provide on a regular basis.)

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4. Estimate for Cost of Construction
After we have developed a scope of work, we provide a free preliminary estimate for the cost of your custom construction. This allows us a baseline for everything you would want in your dream home. We can adjust the estimate, allowances, and custom items at this point to meet your financial goals. From this point forward, the process is relatively streamlined.

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5. Engineering.
This will affect the cost of construction, so we will complete this prior to the final estimate/budget analysis.

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6. Estimate Adjustment

As necessary based on total cost and engineering.

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7. Financing

We have helped many clients acquire financing over the last several years. We can put you in touch with our contacts as local banks to ensure good rates and expedited services.

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8. Schedule

We will create a schedule to help guide you through decision making and following along with the process.

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9. Then... the fun starts!

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