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Remodeling Contractor, Clear Lake Shores, TX
Our building experience with Barrier Island Homes was great. We came to BIH with a vague concept of what we wanted in our home and Ashly supported us throughout the process to make this concept a reality. From the initial design through to completed construction we had professional guidance and direction to keep us from making costly mistakes and regrettable errors and the end result is fantastic. We are 100% satisfied with our home and we're proud of the job that Barrier Island Homes did for us.

-Todd Ford

We were Barrier Island Homes’ first client for building an entire house from the ground up. They were very professional in every aspect of the build. They worked closely with our Architect to give us the finished product that we envisioned. They also worked well with our bank to make the financing and budget stay on track. Barrier Island Homes will do everything in their power to give you what you want. We highly recommend them and if we ever build another house they will be our builder......but why would we? They gave us our "Dream Home" the first time around.

-Paul and Becky Sensat

After Hurricane Ike, my prospects for recovery were bleak and during that time it became obvious that I would need to make a home for my two young granddaughters. BIH owners, Ashly and Ian Miller guided me through my options and have helped me arrive at a new beginning. The house Barrier Island Homes built for me is more than I could ever have hoped for. For a relatively small elevated house, it is extremely well designed, including 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ bathrooms, granite countertops, elevated decks front and back and a full sized enclosed elevator.

-Martha Trammell

After Ike we interviewed several companies to build our home. We decided to go with Barrier Island Homes after we met with Ian and Ashly. Ian with his engineering background and Ashly with her master’s degree we felt they would have the skill and fortitude to get us past the difficult aspects of building a house. At the beginning of the project Ian was instrumental with helping us modify the plans to meet windstorm and flood insurance requirements. He was active with the planning, plotting, piers, and the framing of the house, as well as meeting with city officials when necessary. When the framing was complete Ashly took over control of the project. It is difficult for me to put into words all she has done for us. Her ability to see thing we don’t throughout the all the phases of construction and bringing it to our attention has been priceless. Her being bilingual I believe has made a possible communication barrier with subcontractors nonexistent. She has handled everything from fireplaces , electrical, generator installation, plumbing, sheetrock, stucco, trim work, tile design, etc…I could go on and on. This is not the first custom home we have built and I can’t say too much about how pleased we are.

Thanks Ashly…you too Ian

-Carey & Lynn DeRousse

"It was always easy dealing with Ashly and Ian, they were very responsive to our desires and often had inputs which made the house even better. We asked them to do several things they had not done previously and after some research they got them done. We love our house, especially all of the semi-outdoor porch and breezeway living space. Perhaps the best part, though, was their proximity to our jobsite which allowed for constant on-site review and discussion of the work being done."

-Tim & Nora

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